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Answers from the Bible



Dear Lord,

We pray these Bible flashcards

contain answers from your Word,

the oracles of God,

to help this beloved friend.

Thank you for answering all

our prayers in your perfect way,

with your perfect timing.



Bible flashcard# 1092

1 John 1:9 The Voice (VOICE) 9 But if we own up to our sins, God shows that He is faithful and just by forgiving us of our sins and purifying us from the pollution of all the bad things we have done.


Bible flashcard# 648

Comfort Scripture #20

Isaiah 25:6-8 The Voice (VOICE)

6 The Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, is preparing a feast,

a feast for everyone on this mystical mountain

With aged wine and good food, the finest wine and choicest meat.

7 And God will swallow up the oppression that weighs us down.

He will take away the heavy shroud

that is draped over all peoples of the world.

8 God will swallow up death forever.

The Lord, the Eternal, will wipe away the tears from each and every face

And deflect the scorn and shame His people endure from the whole world,

for the Eternal determined that it should be so.

The Voice (VOICE)


Bible flashcard# 992

Jeremiah 31:15-22 The Voice (VOICE)

15 Eternal One: A voice rises from Ramah-

mourning and bitter weeping are heard day and night.

The voice is Rachel’s; she’s weeping for her children.

She will not be comforted,

for her children are no more.[a]


The setting is Ramah, a village a few miles north of Jerusalem, where exiles are assembled before the long march to Babylon. Later the prophet himself will spend time in this refugee camp awaiting his own exile (40:1). For now, he paints the picture of Rachel, one of the matriarchs of this nation, weeping for her children as they head off into captivity.

16 But listen to what the Eternal says:

Eternal One: Do not weep, Rachel-wipe the tears from your eyes-

for I promise I will reward you for what you have done.

Your children will return from this exile;

they will come back home from this enemy land.

17There is hope for your future, I promise.

Your children will come home to their own land.

18I have heard the cries of Ephraim, groaning, “You have disciplined me.

I was like an unruly calf, but You disciplined me.

Bring me back, so I can return home,

for You are my God, the Eternal.

19After I had turned away from You, I repented.

I turned back toward You when I understood what I had done;

I slapped my thigh in shame and regret

for the disgraceful things I did when I was young.”

20So I, the Eternal One, asked:

“Is this not Ephraim, My beloved son, My darling child?

As often as I speak against him, I have never forgotten him.

Even now, My heart longs for him;

I will surely show him mercy!”

21Set up markers along the road;

put up guideposts so you can find your way home.

Pay attention to the highway, the road you take into exile.

Return by the same way, My virgin Israel;

return to your cities and villages.

22How long will you drift this way and that,

My renegade daughter?

Take heart-for now the Eternal will do a new thing on the earth:

a woman will surround a man.[b]


[a] 31:15 Matthew 2:18 [b] 31:22 Meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.

Jesus loves you.. In honor of the children that were killed on Dec. 14, 2012 Joyful226

in honor of the x pictures
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please use this tool I created with the Lord to receive answers from the true Oracles of God, the Holy Bible

because I endure #extremedepression and #extremeloneliness I was searching for someone to talk to

this tool makes a way for me to talk to the Lord so I’m not so lonely and broken

God’s word always brings upon the healing required for my situations

I trust His answers every time. I pray this tool helps you as well

if you have anything you’d like to talk or ask about, please feel free to email me: send mail

thank you so much for visiting and God bless you and your beloved ones forever

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