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angel card# 246

Soul Mate Love from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins

this message is for soul mate love ♥

morning affirmations

“Say positive affirmations each morning to open the gates of manifestation.”
This card asks you to begin each day with positive intentions and affirmations. Before arising from your bed, spend a few moments thinking about your desires. Don’t worry about how to bring them into physical form. Just allow yourself to imagine that they’ve already manifested.
Then, make one or more positive affirmations relating to your desires. When you open your eyes, write down these affirmations (it’s a good idea to keep a pad and pen on your nightstand). During the day, look at the affirmations and say them mentally or verbally.

make a wish

“This is a magical moment. Make a wish, and enjoy its manifestation.”
Say an affirmative prayer right now, which means stating your desire as if it were already true. Thank Heaven for this reality, and feel in your heart and belly that your dream is actually a reality. For example, say, “Thank you, Heaven, for [whatever your desire is]. I’m truly grateful for your continuous support.”
Now is a magical moment. Go into a quiet space – even if it’s just for a moment. Close your eyes, and imagine that your wish has come true. Feel it with your entire being. Then, express thanks for this gift, and release it like a helium balloon that goes straight to Heaven. If you need to take action to co-create this wish, you’ll be given strong and repetitive guidance in the form of feelings, thoughts, ideas, inner words, signs, visions, or dreams. It’s important that you follow this guidance in order to bring the wish into physical form.

have faith

“Your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive, and follow your guidance!”
Good work! You’ve been asking and praying for some big dreams to come true… and it’s working! Just like a gardener who has planted new seeds, you must have faith that your crops will push above the surface. Keep watering your dreams by taking the steps that make them flourish.
This is a precious time for you and your dreams. You don’t have to strain or push to make them come true. You’ve already accomplished the major part of manifestation by asking and praying. Trust that Heaven is helping you – just like a best friend would if you asked for their assistance. Your job is to have faith, listen for Divine guidance, and take action whenever you’re guided.

an example affirmative prayer for soul mate love:

Good morning Abba-Father, good morning Yeshua-Son, good morning Ruach Hakodesh-Spirit, good morning God-head, 3-in-1. Today, is the greatest day of my life. From this moment on, I am attracting my soul mate love into my life. I make all my good wishes in Jesus Name. My prayers are manifesting now. My soul mate love is helping me with your promise of family restoration 2017. I remain positive, and thank You Jesus for clear guidance I easily understand and follow. Thank you Heaven for making all my good wishes come true about soul mate love and family restoration 2017. I am truly and humbly grateful. Amen.


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