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October 19, 2016 ==>>> CrunchvFat Blaster Goes Latin crunch fat blaster goes latin! love this one sooo much ==>>> Crunch the Perfect Yoga Workout yoga crunch the perfect yoga workout – the joy of yoga ==>>> walked

October 20, 2016 ==>>> Billy Blanks Tae Bo billy blanks tae bo advanced burnout (30 m)

October 23, 2016 ==>>> Crunch Ab Attack did the warm up from crunch fat blasting ab attack to soothe my soul, get my blood flowing, and stretch my body a bit… walked to store

October 24, 2016 ==>>> Crunch Cardio Salsa crunch cardio salsa ==>>> walked around lake beaumaris (heart) with my daughter and our sweet stitch xoxo

October 25, 2016 ==>>> Crunch Yoga Body Sculpt crunch yoga body sculpt. namaste peeps! ==>>> billy blanks master blaster by crunch (20 m)

November 2, 2016 ==>>> billy blanks taebo get celebrity fit (44 m) back at the farm. it's nice to workout with my shoes again… gave this one a really good shot considering i'm out of shape a bit from the last week. lots of car travelling, lots of eating poor food, so i've got to get feeling better asap. the water here at the farm has something wrong with it so my digestive system is screwy once again… got to get feeling better!

November 3, 2016 ==>>> Pussycat Dolls Workout the pussycat dolls workout… really gets the sexy on! wow! neat moves, feeling like a seductress (lol) but only within the confines of marriage of course 😉

November 4, 2016 ==>>> Crunch Fat Blaster Goes Latin crunch latin rhythms (fat blasting dance) (36m) hadn't done this one ever before, really neat routines. however, my pars planitis is back and it's making things hard, all over body pain 😦

November 6, 2016 ==>>> crunch candlelight yoga with sara ivanhoe. oh my goodness… this is the most relaxing and wonderful yoga i have ever done and i've been practising yoga for over 25 years. oh my… so wonderful ==>>> also this day neena and veena the belly twins fat burning workout

November 7, 2016 ==>>> what a nice and quick all over kickboxing workout. denise austin has amazing energy and is a super motivator. ==>>> also this day gilad's bodies in motion

November 9, 2016 ==>>> (44m) love this man so much and what he teaches. billy blanks you are the greatest! love you and how you make my body better!

November 10, 2016 ==>>> sharon mann the works yoga sculpt – the pilates/yoga workout section

November 11, 2016 ==>>> 7 WAKE UP! Goddess: Magic Mazi Chakra: #7 Crown Continent: Antarctica Description: Expect sublime, supernatural moves combined with the stunning Sahasrara Mudra designed to activate our Crown Chakra to show us the truth and Divinity of our existence as powerful embodied Goddesses!

November 12, 2016 ==>>> low impact cardio kickboxing with ABS!
==>>> also Sara Ivanhoe's 20 min yoga makeover for weight loss

November 14, 2016 ==>>> Country Dance Workout from World Dance New York! ==>>> Sara Ivanhoe's Yoga for Sexy Abs

November 15, 2016 ==>>> 2 FLOW LIKE WATER Goddess: Oshun Chakra: #2 Sacral Continent: Africa Description: Expect sweet, sexy, powerful moves, with plenty of intensity to keep things pumpin’, all of which is balanced out by Dhyana Mudra, designed to help us cultivate meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.

November 19, 2016 ==>>> the firm complete aerobic weight training with jayne poteet. this workout has been in my life since the early 90's. i will love it forever. this workout is for all age groups, all body types. it works all the muscles including internal pelvic floor muscles to help a woman age gracefully. check it out: Jayne Poteet – The Firm Complete Aerobic Weight Training

November 20, 2016 ==>>> practiced kundalini yoga for beginners and beyond by ravi singh and ana brett. you may want to check it out here: kundalini yoga for beginners and beyond this dvd contains the 5 tibetans set which is super beneficial to your life ♥

November 21, 2016 ==>>> The Firm Parts Upper Body another oldie but goodie. works upper body awesomely with a touch of cardio. not quite enough heart pumping so i added Firm Flat Abs Solution – Cardio to the Core section – a really great way to work the abs during a great cardio segment.

November 22, 2016 ==>>> oooohhh!!!! shalom, shanti, namaste, salam, sat nam! today i practiced ana brett and ravi singh's kundalini yoga for happy hormones! i received it in the mail yesterday and i must say, this is such a great practice for hormones. please check it out here: Kundalini Yoga Happy Hormones ==>>> embodied goddess program #6 – get connected Goddess: Yhi Chakra: #6 Third Eye Continent: Australia Description: Expect creative, playful, evocative moves that will unearth your inner wisdom and align you with the power of nature. Add the super cool Garuda Mudra, designed to balance our energy while attaining inner freedom and we’ve got an inspiring, mind bending routine!

November 23, 2016 ==>>> Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs practice your martial arts skills and get some cardio while working your abs on your feet, then hit the floor to finish toning your abs. get fit and have fun! ==>>> get walking in the comfort of your home!!! this video is so great as it includes light hand weights to help you tone up while working your heart and lungs! workout with the video on

November 24, 2016 ==>>> site got hacked 😦 firm cardio dance club – hot latin mix

November 26, 2016 ==>>> walked all over agribition

November 28, 2016 ==>>> The Firm Time Crunch Workout. check it out at The Firm Time Crunch DVD – Susan Harris and Kai Soremekun (Classic Firm Volume 4)